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We provide the most appropriate therapies for all joint and muscle pain. With both traditional and non-invasive therapies, we ensure you will be comfortable and feel relief in our hands.

Diagnostic Services

Spinal Decompression

Gentle and effective therapy to reduce disc herniation and relieve pressure.

Aqua Massage Therapy

Relax on a comfortable bed while heated pulsing water jets reduce muscle and joint pain and improves circulation throughout your entire body.

Electric Muscle Stimulation

A comfortable alternative way to reduce muscle spams and stiffness without the use of drugs.


High frequency sound waves naturally decrease muscle pain and inflammation without side effects.

Cold Laser Therapy

Low level laser light therapy that is effective for healing tissue, relieving inflammation, managing neurotherapy and general pain relief.

Massage Therapy

Treat yourself to this proven hands-on approach to reduce muscle pain.

We Offer a Free Initial Consultation

There is no charge to consult the doctor. Treatment fees may vary.